Promoting all breeds of purebred dogs
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The Tennessee Valley Kennel Club was founded in 1934 to promote all breeds of purebred dogs by conducting competitive shows, events and public education under the rules of the American Kennel Club. 

We encourage good sportsmanship at every event and are advocates for canine health, canine good citizenship, responsible dog ownership, and ethical breeding practices.   

All our activities are designed to provide purebred dogs and their owners with engaging, lasting, and fun ways to celebrate the canine-human connection.

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Club Members = 92

Voting Members =  86     Quorum = 86 x 0.20 = 17
  Lifetime (12)  General Membership (74)
Betty Abbott
Nan Anderson
Catherine Bell
Becky Chittenden
Jean Dinkins
Phyllis  Fortune
Grant Howard
DruAnne Nutzell
David Porterfield
Susan Porterfield
Axel Ringe
Jeanne Ringe
Keith Bailey
Deborah Bailey
Karl Barth
Lois Biedron
Quinto Burchi
Donna Burchi
Dr. Carlyn Cahill
Susan Corum
Melissa Craft
Charmaine Daum
Elizabeth Davis
Lynn Dobiel 
Kat  Engstrom
Connie Epp
Janis Flaherty
Donna Foster
Erin Franco
Victor Franco
Julie Haase
Judy Hart
Pat Hartman
Alyssa Helms
Debbie Hodges
Pat Hodges
Doug Horn
Teresa Horn
Maryellen Kasten
Cheryl Kienast
Rhonda Koons
Stacy Kramer
Judy Laureano
Ray Laureano
Erin Lonas
Gregg Lonas
Madeline Lonas
Bernadine Luketich
Steve Merritt
Janice Morgan
Dave Nutzell
Cynthia Parker
Linda Pitts
Michael Presson
Carolyn Price
Gene Price
Garron Riechers
Shelia Riechers
Cheryl Roach
Richard Roach
Amanda Ruelle
Ace Russell
Pat Ryea
Gail Schroth
Larry Schroth
Maria Sheshina
Greg Sinatro
Susan Sinatro

Paula Smiddy
Pam Smith
Victor Smith
Walter Sommerfelt
Carol Sommerfelt
Linda Stafford
Samatha Stafford
Pam Stanner
Barry Stanner
Pat Symons
Ruby Valentine
Neena VanCamp
Richella Veatch
Kathleen Villers
Brenda Weeks
Mark Weeks
Beth White
T. J. Whitworth
Barbara Whitworth

Honorary (3)
Robert Abbott
Dawn Barrett
Trula Dinkins
Junior (1) 
Anya Reichers

Scholarship (2)
Stacy Kramer 
Stephen McIntyre



Officers and Board of Directors 

  President Walter Sommerfelt Board Members Keith Bailey
Vice President Janis Flaherty Susan Corum
  Recording Secretary Cheryl Kienast   Gregg Lonas
  Corresponding Secretary Linda Stafford   Carol Sommerfelt
  Treasurer Jean Dinkins   Neena Van Camp
        Beth White

AKC Representative

        Richella Veatch

Show Committee

Chairperson:  Carol Sommerfelt       Asst. Show Chairperson:  Janis Flaherty

Members:  Walter Sommerfelt

Judges Selection Committee 

Chairperson: Walter Sommerfelt

Members:  Janis Flaherty, Keith Bailey, Samatha Stafford, Richella Veatch, Cheryl Kienast

Show Trophies Committee

Chairperson:  Lois Biedron

Member:  Carol Sommerfelt, Janis Flaherty

Agility Trial Committee 

Chair:  Beth White

Members: Dawn Barrett, Jean Dinkins, Julie Haase, Ace Russell, Richella Veatch, Kat Engstrom, Pat Ryea, Lynn Dobiel

Obedience / Rally Trial Committee 

Chair:  Richella Veatch


Meet the Breeds / RDO



Training Directors

Conformation / Puppy Kindergarten:  Janis Flaherty                Asst: Ruby Valentine

Agility / Obedience / Rally / STAR Puppy:  Ace Russell

Equipment Management


Budget / Audit Committee 

Chairperson:  Pam Stanner

Members: Barry Stanner

Nominating Committee 

Chairperson: Janis Flaherty


Other Roles and Responsibilities

Sunshine:  Jean Dinkins -  Please contact when you hear of members who are sick / hospitalized.  

Webmaster:  Beth White - Contact with news, events, and web updates.  knoxtnusa@gmail.com

Club Awards:  Jeanne Ringe

Programs:  Susan Corum - Contact for ideas for future programs. 

Legislative Liaison:  TBD


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